The Elite

I really enjoyed reading Elite, it is a continuation of America’s story as she navigates here way through the selection. America used to live in poverty, so living in the palace is a big change for her. She values everyone no matter what their social standing is. This creates a few hiccups for her, but her intensions were pure, earning her respect. This makes America one of my favourite characters.

Maxon is noble and has the intension of marring America. It is a rocky road, as he grows closer to the other girls in the selection. Grows close to the other girls in the selection and this causes America to act out.

The King has always had a cold shoulder toward America (Maxon’s favourite), but we learn how deep tensions run between Maxon and his father. About how the royal family came to be through Gregory’s journals and America uses the knowledge as power.

The Queen has adoration for America, when she stands up to the prince and King. We don’t see much of the Queen other then in passing. I’m hoping that changes in the next book.


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