this is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp

This story was simply breathtaking. It displaces the actions and experiences of high school students during a school shooting. The author has a unique way of untangling the students past life experiences into this tragic day. I learned that it is no one reason such a tragedy occurs, but by the continuous events that brake an individual.

I thought the character development was well done, we really got to know the students. Autumn is a dancer who dreams of Jullard, even without the support of her family. She is a strong willed and resilient girl. She has a girlfriend named Silvy who loves and supports her dream. Their future is uncertain, but they love each other. Tomas has a sense of purpose to protect his loved ones, even if it would risk his life. We see true love between Claire and Matt. Also the sacrifices they suffered when their loved ones are taken.

There is no way anyone could truly understand what a shooting is like by reading we get to see a little part of what that would be like. I wish we would have gotten more knowledge about Ty. I wish we could have experienced his prospective, the real reason for his choices.

Other wise I really enjoyed reading this book. 4/5 stars.




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