Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Spoiler Alert

This is a reread

This is a story about a boy (Harry) who lives with his aunt and uncle because his parents were killed by Voldemort. He is kept away from the wizarding world, where he is famous. He is the one person Voldemort couldn’t kill and he seeks revenge.

Harry encounters Voldemort his first year at Hogwarts. With the help of Ron and Hermione, Harry defeats Voldemort for the second time.

Ron Weasley comes from a pure-blood family, but Mr. Weasley has a fascination with muggles. Ron’s brother Bill works in Romania with dragons, Percy is a prefect in Gryffindor, Fred and George are beaters on the Gryffindor Quiditch team, and Ron’e sister Ginny is too young to go to Hogwarts. They are a poor family, but there is plenty of love to go around. Mrs. Weasley takes Harry under her wing the first time they met.

Hermione comes from a muggle family, but that doesn’t slow her down. She has read all the textbooks before school starts. She is the top of her class. Her relationship with Harry and Ron takes time to grow, but by the end of the book they become inseparable.

Together Harry, Ron and Hermione battle the trials and troubles of first year students. I enjoyed watching them grow throughout the book, I couldn’t put it down.


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